Activities and groups

Sunday worship

Our main worship service is at 10.00. Check our Facebook page to see up to date service times through the summer. @CCLuton

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Sunday worship

Our values

We hope to be an open church demonstrated in three specific ways:

Open hearts

  • to love God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and to want to know Him more deeply;
  • that care for each other as we come together as a family of believers;
  • for loving Luton and longing to see our local community transformed by the love of Jesus.
  • Open hands

  • in worship and prayer as our first priority;
  • to receive all the gifts of the Spirit that He wants to give us and to give the fruit away to others;
  • as a blessing and resource to each other and to our local community.
  • Open doors

  • where the Gospel is the only stumbling block to encountering the living God;
  • that welcome anyone in regardless of who they are;
  • through which we are sent out to meet and serve others.
  • Leadership team

    Our leadership team works with the trustees and wider church community

    Andrea LeonardPriest-in-Charge
    Andrea LeonardPriest-in-Charge
    Trevor WilsonChurch Warden
    Trevor WilsonChurch Warden